It is time to paint your home and after multiple trips to the hardware store you finally picked your perfect color, but now you find out that you may or may not also need primer, but what is primer? Primer is a base used before painting that allows the paint to better stick to the surface, gives the paint longer durability, and covers any imperfections on the walls. It also helps your selected paint color show without needing the application of too many coats, especially when the new paint color is completely different from the older one.

How do you decide if you need primer? To determine if your walls require primer before painting there are several factors that you want to look at. For example, look at your new paint color, if it is significantly lighter than the previous color, or if is not in the same color family as the old color, primer will need to be used. In circumstances where the walls have never been painted or have not been painted in a long period of time, we recommend primer be used. Now if your walls are being painted the same, or a very similar color as before, primer is not needed as long as the walls are in good shape.

We understand that some of these tips are on a case-by-case basis, which is why at City Zen Paining we get completely involved in this process. We assist our clients in picking out the perfect paint and primer to make sure their color choice is exactly as they pictured it. You do not have to worry about whether or not you need primer, after looking at your home our team of professionals can make the best decision for you!