A personal environment in our home is our bathrooms, and as odd as it may sound when you think about it, it is a place where we relax bathing, shower, or performing our daily self-care routine. Therefore, making this area of the home more important to personalize to your needs and preference. In your bathroom there are countless design options. When deciding which option is the best for you, think about what you need to function on a day-to-day basis. For example, in a master bathroom if there is more than one person using the bathroom, you might value a large sink space or even want to install two separate sinks. If you spend much of your get ready/beauty routine in the bathroom you could look into getting large mirrors and making sure your bathroom is well-lit.

Besides design options it is important to consider the color palette you want for the bathroom. You should focus on coordinating your wall paint colors with the cabinet colors and bathroom wall tiles. Make sure all the colors, if different, are complimentary to one another. In the master bathroom you should lean towards calming colors that invoke a feeling of peace such as maybe a sage green, light blue, or similar colors extended from bedroom to the master bathroom. In a guest bathroom you might want to choose a more neutral color choice and add accent pieces to add some light colors such as rugs, candles and hand towels.

When it is time to paint your bathroom, keep in mind our professional painters at City Zen Painting use paint specifically made for the bathroom that is humidity and mildew resistant. Our team also has expertise in painting cabinets if you wish to change the color of your cabinets as well. No idea is too big, and we are here to bring your design ideas to life.