When painting your home before selling it there are some factors to keep in mind as you prepare the home. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint improves the appearance making it look brand new, but you should first ask yourself what you think needs to be painted. We recommend you look at areas such as the walls, ceilings, trims and anything else that appears needs painting in order to make your home more presentable to sell. You can also look into painting the kitchen and bathroom cabinets which is an inexpensive way to transform your home.

Bathrooms and kitchens are very expensive to renovate and retrieving the proper permits for these renovations are often time consuming. Kitchen and bathrooms are more personal and people have a specific taste for these areas, so it is best to let the new owners make the choice to renovate. Above all, sellers will rarely get a profit return on the money they spend on the renovations when they sell their home. We advise to have the kitchen and bathroom cabinets painted instead of replacing them.

When choosing what colors to paint the home you are selling, understand colors choices are a personal preference. Bold colors can change the appearance of a home especially when it is empty, so we recommend you choose colors that are light and neutral, this way potential buyers have the opportunity to make specific design choices more aligned with their own preferences. You can never go wrong with white tones, it is simple, yet still beautiful. At City Zen Painting we scope the home before painting it to make sure we first address all necessary repairs. The goal is to make your home look presentable for it to be sold, and we strive to assist our clients in making the most profitable choices.