You just purchased a new home, the hard part is over now it’s time for the fun part, getting your new home together and decorated. One of the first things people look into after purchasing a new home is painting it. Being that many New York apartments are older it is not uncommon to find a hidden gem that might need some work done. Many people contact us to inquire about painting and immediately focus on the walls, not realizing other areas in their home that may require painting attention.

At City Zen Painting when requested, we like to set up appointments to meet clients at their homes to discuss the work that is needed, give different options, and go over other areas that clients might not realize need work done. It is not always as simple as a fresh coat of white, depending on how long ago the walls were painted we recommend painting two coats to make sure the true paint color is shown. In addition, before painting any wall we check for repairs that need to be made. When looking at what other areas might require attention, we look at any areas by the windows and ceilings that shows signs of water damage that need to be repaired properly, so it does not bleed through.  We also look at the condition of the doors, baseboards, window trims, and closets. While a quick fresh coat of paint on your walls might seem like the quickest and most appealing idea, really evaluating all the painting needs of your apartment makes all the difference when beginning to get your home together.