You might ask why choose wallpaper over paint? While wallpaper might not be the first option that comes to mind when redecorating, it does offer some benefits that might make you reconsider painting. Quality wallpaper is durable and can last significantly longer than paint, it is also easy to clean. Wallpaper can hide any imperfections on walls that might not be possible to cover by painting. Wallpaper needs to be installed by professionals, luxurious wallpapers especially require more attention to detail to carefully install. Our team at City Zen Painting is very skilled in the installation and removal of wallpapers.

Design-wise one of the biggest benefits of using wallpaper is the various forms of colors, styles, prints, and even textures to choose from. Having a wallpaper as an accent wall and painting the rest of the walls with a color that compliments the wallpaper ties the colors in a room together perfectly. The same process used to pick a paint color should be used when picking wallpaper, think about how you want a room to feel to give you an idea of where to start, the right wallpaper can really transform a room.