An accent wall is a perfect, subtle way to add some creativity without the commitment to painting an entire home. Most people keep it simple and leave their homes painted white, I am guilty of this too, but with the addition of the infamous accent wall you could provide a pop of color to your home. This is a modern technique that satisfies your color craving, without being too intense. However, an accent wall does not always have to be a bold color. An accent wall can help bring the current colors in a room together. For example, if your walls are already a light color adding a few darker shades as an accent wall can make all the difference. If your walls are a neutral color but your furniture, such as your couch is not, you might want to pick an accent wall color that compliments the fabric and ties together colors in the room.

At City Zen Painting, we know that deciding from an abundance of colors might not be an easy task, and to help with this we offer free color consultations to help you choose the perfect accent wall color for your home. Accent walls are also a great opportunity to get creative. You can also go with metallic colors, lime wash paint or wallpaper; all of which adds the beauty to your home. The options are endless and makes all the difference when designing your home.