VOC stands for volatile organic compounds which are gas emissions released into the air that reduce the air quality in your home. Almost all paints have VOC’s in them and customers are able to look on the can when purchasing paint to see the amount of VOC content each can of paint has. A common misconception people have when painting their home is that airing out the room for a couple of days after painting prevents dangerous chemicals from being inhaled. However, that is not the case, while you may not be able to smell the chemicals in the paint the emissions are still lingering for over a year after painting.

These chemicals can have short-term and long-term effects on a person’s health such as headaches, throat irritation, lung damage and damage to the nervous system. There are paints available, such as Lime Wash, paints that have very small traces of VOC’s which are better for your home and the environment. Even if a paint can says non-VOC or zero-VOC they still do contain contain some VOC content. We recommend you always look or ask about VOC content in paint you are looking to purchase. Especially in children or nursey rooms, remember paints with limited VOC content are the safest for you and your family.