With more people working from home recently, it is more important than ever to make your home feel as comfortable as possible. You want the environment you live in to make you feel at ease.  Adding color to your home is one of the best ways to help do this. While colors can help make a room a appear taller, wider, or brighter it can also affect how a person feels when they are in a room. For example, the atmosphere in a bedroom should be peaceful and relaxing, lighter cool tones tend to convey this feeling. For someone who enjoys cooking and having people over for home cooked meals, an inviting color such as a shade of yellow for the kitchen would be the best option. In a family room, such as the living room, where friends and family typically gather, blue is always an attractive choice.

Most people are scared to introduce colors into their home, rightfully so, but with the help of professionals we can help you add some into your life without it being too much of an overwhelming experience. At City Zen Painting we offer complimentary color consultations to help you ease your way into color additions. We want to help lift your spirits with colors!